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Candice Demellza – 1771 – Scene 1 – Just Ass and it Shawl be Done.

New model Candice brings some intriguing assets, especially on the backside with her super curvy bottom gradually being revealed from under her flowing shawl. A mole or two in critical spots might be distracting for some but there is no doubt about this being one of the best new butts on the site in a while. Lying on her side demonstrates an impressively wide and well rounded ass. She really takes her time getting the panties off and makes quite a show of it with some fabulous butt display.

Vid – 20:02m

Candice Demellza – 1771 – What Candice do to Me?

Candice is now all nude to show off her bare pussy and big wide ass curves. There’s some outstanding ass spreading while lying on her side getting all the naughty bits well out in the open. After squatting on your face for a while she moves to a standing pose for a different kind of ass worship. It becomes less graphic for a while with straight on ass views simply admiring her beautiful shape. She enhances the view with a little bit of deliberate ass wiggling.

Vid – 18:46m

Candice Demellza – 1771 – There is a Gob.

Candice’s dildo masturbation scene is a little dry at first and then becomes a little messy as it progresses with oozing goo that eventually starts to coagulate. There’s little doubt that she genuinely gets into it as she tenses up on the moment of orgasm. We get some very nice perspectives when she dangles her ass off the edge of the couch.

Vid – 09:58m

Candice Demellza – 1771 – Scene 2 – Wiggle Woman.

We move out to the driveway parking area to show off Candice’s figure in motion. Shadows and highlights are a bit harsh here due to the direct sunlight but the scene is very nice with the Tuscan style villa in the background. The close up walking butt views are especially nice with big butt curves wiggling in your face.

Vid – 05:29m

Candice Demellza – 1771 – Oopsie Daisy. (Available Jul 13th)

Candice takes a pee on a field of daisies in two separate positions. She manages to stop and start the stream a few times prolonging the scene somewhat. Also notable is that she manages to pee in a couple of positions that most girls cannot including doggy style and lying on her back.

Vid – 04:10m

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