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Candice Demellza – 1787 – Candice de-Mole-za.

Candice talks to you on the odd occasion throughout this strip tease in a manner that is not so common on inthecrack. Her best and most notable asset is her rather large and full bodied ass. She wears her thong panties throughout most of this but her ass is virtually entirely exposed in spite of the fabric of her thong. There is a small issue of peeling skin from waxing in her ass crack and an obvious mole but we are guessing you may be more blinded by her incredible butt cheeks in this video.

Vid – 19:49m
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Candice Demellza – 1787 – Slow as Mole Asses.

Wth Candice now all nude this clip features a lot of her wide bottom side spread open for maximum exposure. Thick curves abound in all manner of revealing poses. She spends quite a long time squatting on your face and handling her ass inducing a little bit of extra jiggle.

Vid – 16:09m
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Candice Demellza – 1787 – Purr to the Peep Hole.

Candice’s sex toy is a bit unusual in design and is intended to suck or pulsate on her clitoris. It is especially quiet and barely heard in the audio. The toy itself is not especially entertaining but it gets her squirming quite nicely.

Vid – 14:53m
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