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  1. gianpaolo73

    Harper should never wear clothes: what a sensational beauty!
    Thanx a lot guys!!!

  2. mike

    Thanks for all Your Post !!
    Anyone having issues with k2s last few late afternoons to night getting getting 45k modem speed 🙁
    {25.6 KB/s} – 18.3 MB of 77.4 MB, 39 mins left
    typically get 1 to 3 MB/s some times 25 to 26MB/s early morning to early afternoon
    use another hosting service and still getting 25 – 27 KB/s in the same time zone
    cleared my cache re login .. no difference.

    1. Bruk

      Hi, 🙂
      You tried using another IP maybe? it may just be a temporary problem with your ISP

      1. mike

        that was my thought, but then ex.load would be affected also and its still downloading @ 27MB/s…
        so for now ill just change my schedule, and keep trying it later.
        Thanks for the Help 🙂

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