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Karyna Kaif – 1798 – Kaif I Join Ya?

Karyna takes a very slow pace throughout this video allowing plenty of time to admire her in her fancy lingerie. It’s completely see through everywhere giving a nice hint of everything that is underneath.

Vid – 20:17m
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Karyna Kaif – 1798 – An Ass Knot on the Moon. (Available Nov 22nd)

With Karyna now all nude the attention turns to close up ass crack and pussy views. She has a bit of a skin flap / knot on her ass hole though not really enough to be a distraction. The slow pace continues here with plenty of long lingering views in all poses. Her crab walk pose is especially nice with beautiful feminine shapes undulating in front of your face.

Vid – 15:10m
Download File ZIP K2S – 881.9 MB

Karyna Kaif – 1798 – Knot Sure Fiddle Work. (Available Nov 23rd)

Karyna is now fully nude including shoeless as she gets down to some slow finger masturbation. It’s slightly light on action at first but has some beautiful close up views in revealing positions. Action certainly picks up to the climax although it is questionable how genuine it is.

Vid – 09:25m
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Karyna Kaif – 1798 – Do the Walk Karyna. (Available Nov 24th)

The runway is a little short for this walking scene but nevertheless has some beautiful motion as she saunters back and forth. She is fully nude and shoeless throughout and shows some very graceful motion and posing.

Vid – 04:35m
Download File ZIP K2S – 266.8 MB

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