Gallery: 42 – Pics – 24.4 MB – 1920px

Gallery: 42 – Pics – 24.8 MB – 2739px

Vids – 05:29m
1080p – mp4 – 243.0 MB

720p – mp4 – 161.7 MB

480p – mp4 – 63.9 MB

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  1. So after being flustrated with zippyshare, i tried again and just kept clicking the orange button and killing what page poped up till like the 3 or forth time when i got the down load page. It started slow but climbed up to 16MB/s so it was definitely fast.
    Perhaps some instructions would have been helpful
    one other thing was on one of the ones i was downloading i got one of those unkillable pages telling me some bullshit
    so I had to use the task manager to kill chrome. that sucks.
    sorry about being a pain but thats me.

  2. ok so i click zippy share
    Orange download button tries to install free music
    Blue button wants to install navsafe to keep me safe from were i want to go
    other blue button want to install some messinger for face book



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