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Tiffany Tatum – 1468 – Tiffany’s Boutique

Tiffany is at her absolute hottest in her black dress and matching seamless pantyhose. The shiny pantyhose material is completely see through giving the ultimate tease every time she sticks her ass in your face. This pantyhose tease is quite long and thorough taking every opportunity to admire and soak in her silky ass and crotch to the fullest

Vid – 23:31m
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Tiffany Tatum – 1468 – Epiphany at Tiffany’s

This is essentially all bottomless posing with the pantyhose now down around her thighs. She does some fabulous ass spreading while lying on her side. Her slender form is quite remarkable with near flawless assets now fully on display

Vid – 09:07m
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1080p – mp4 – 530.0 MB

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Tiffany Tatum – 1468 – Eye Cunt Tatum know more

The pantyhose are now off for this interlude of all nude posing. Only the shoes remain on and they are elegant and pretty though we don’t exactly focus on them. Open leg and bend over posing are main features plus an excellent butt display lying on her front

Vid – 05:34m
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Tiffany Tatum – 1468 – Basic in Stink

Tiffany uses a lumpy purple toy to poke herself in the ass. She does some fairly deep anal fucking action while lying on her side with her butt nicely spread

Vid – 05:22m
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1080p – mp4 – 312.5 MB

2160p – mp4 – 965.4 MB

Tiffany Tatum – 1468 – Lit her Box

Tiffany’s pussy masturbation toy is completely clear and has various coloured lights glowing inside it. The toy is maybe a bit gimmicky but unique and interesting. After a few initial poses she settles on squatting frontwards with her butt hanging in mid air. She doesn’t really get too moist but she has a passionate fuck with her ass looking rather pretty dangling in your face

Vid – 05:13m
720p – mp4 – 154.1 MB

1080p – mp4 – 303.4 MB

2160p – mp4 – 937.6 MB

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