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Baby Nicols – 1645 – A Nicol Back Thong.

Hot babe Nicol wears a matching bra and panty set with a thong so skimpy it covers virtually nothing of her ass. The colours really pop against the crisp white of the room while the open door gives a nice breezy feel to the scene. With a bit of a tug her thong essentially lets everything hang out giving you a quite detailed preview of the treasures we shall explore in the following clip. The last part of this clip has a quite extensive panty tease with everything being seen.

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Baby Nicols – 1645 – So Show Distancing.

Now fully nude Nicol gets on the bed and puts her bare ass and pussy in your face for a super detailed inspection. This features some of the best close up views we’ve done in a while with outstanding ass crack and spread vagina examination lasting through large portions of this long clip. She makes it all quite exciting with entertaining butt jiggles and ass hole winking while squatting virtually right on your face. This is almost non-stop top quality close up pussy and ass entertainment from one of our most beautiful models.

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Baby Nicols – 1645 – Baby’s Toy.

Nicol gets busy using a vibrator with a bulbous head. She starts lying on her back and then momentarily turns onto her front to give you the view up her ass while she humps the toy. Ultimately she ends up with her butt hanging off the edge of the bed with a nice little dribble of juice running down her ass cheeks. It culminates with a little squirt when she reaches the climax. There’s a really good pussy spread at the end of this clip to finish things off.

Vid – 08:57m
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Baby Nicols – 1645 – 3D

This 3D version video contains all content similar to the first two clips above. The gaping vagina shots are pretty awesome in 3D here.

Vid – 12:21m
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