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Venera Maxima – 1790 – Look at Hose in the White House.

At first glance Venera’s pantyhose are almost not visible under her blue dress, though it becomes more and more about the pantyhose as the scene progresses. The seamless crotch reveals pretty much everything under the sheer beige fabric.

Vid – 12:15m
Download File ZIP K2S – 712.6 MB

Venera Maxima – 1790 – The Bare Maxima.

This is all nude posing with Venera on the ottoman showing off her assets. In all white surroundings the lighting conditions are very diffused making all assets clearly seen though a little flat.

Vid – 09:33m
Download File ZIP K2S – 555.1 MB

Venera Maxima – 1790 – Blacken Dicker.

Venera’s masturbation segment uses a vibrating black dildo, though we do not hear it vibrating in this scene. At first use the penetration is a bit less than compelling but becomes more interesting as she gets warmed up in the latter half. The view becomes substantially better when she changes her position and hangs her ass off the edge of the ottoman with her butt dangling in your face.

Vid – 09:47m
Download File ZIP K2S – 569.2 MB

Venera Maxima – 1790 – What a Gait.

This clip shows Venera at her best as she has a fantastic walk and a great figure for it. We see her in the blue dress at first and then fully naked except for the heels.

Vid – 06:42m
Download File ZIP K2S – 389.5 MB

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