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09/17/23 – Dee Vine – 1858 – Thunderous Applause. 09:12m

This scene has perhaps a little too much ambiance with heavy rain surrounding us on all sides and ongoing thunder throughout. Dee’s leather shorts are the star of the show in the first half with the supple hide forming nicely to the curves of her perfect rear end. Later with only a thong panty on her ass we get some beautiful under shots showing off her beautiful form and tight jiggle.

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09/18/23 – Dee Vine – 1858 – Hook, Lying and Sphincter. (Available Sep 18th) 07:20m

She’s all naked now except for the shoes and the attention is squarely on her outstanding pussy and ass in multiple lying poses. This is surely one of the prettiest ass and pussy combos on the site with thick meaty pussy lips and beautifully formed ass. She doesn’t exactly have a comfortable surface to pose on but she makes it look easy with excellent poses to show off her form.

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09/19/23 – Dee Vine – 1858 – Dee Vine Spear it. (Available Sep 19th) 04:54m

Dee uses a rather long purple rubber dildo to fuck herself in the pussy. Any moaning that she does is mostly drowned out by the sounds of rain and thunder, at least until the moment of climax. There’s not a lot of variation in positions but the one position she has is very nice with her ass and pussy well placed in front of your face and composed with her face in view almost the entire time.

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09/20/23 – Dee Vine – 1858 – Planks a Lot Bitch. (Available Sep 20th) 04:54m

Dee has a little wander back and forth on the covered deck to show off her figure in motion. She keeps it all very natural with no hint of exaggerated motion. The busy foliage background is tough on the encoding algorithm resulting in a bit of pixelation on her skin.

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09/21/23 – Dee Vine – 1858 – A Shake up in Dee Firm. (Available Sep 21st) 03:04m

After shooting all of the above content we realized that we had not focused enough on her best asset. So here’s a short bonus clip with a more concentrated study of her ass with lots of jiggle, spreading and bouncing shot mostly from a low angle. She has a really brisk booty wiggle that shows off her tight ass bounce in ways we haven’t seen very often before.

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