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Binky Baez – 1785 – A Baez’d Viewpoint.

Binky’s lacy veil is an interesting prop for a tease with her ass entirely visible while fully covered. A close up boob shot shows some incredibly prominent nipples and even a hint of milk for a moment. She gets stripped right down to her bare bottom giving a nice preview of her flawless crack.

Vid – 08:33m
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Binky Baez – 1785 – To Know a Veil. (Available Sep 18th)

This is like a reset to the beginning with Binky wearing the veil again but without any bra and panties this time. Poses standing directly over your face show off her beautiful underside with flawless olive skin.

Vid – 06:24m
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Binky Baez – 1785 – Would you hit this? (Available Sep 19th)

This is all nude posing with a heavy concentration of up the butt views. She has an obvious best feature with her smooth ass and thick pussy lips and we focus on that accordingly. She does spank herself a number of times throughout this clip adding a little extra jiggle on occasion.

Vid – 09:07m
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Binky Baez – 1785 – Itch a Bitch. (Available Sep 20th)

We substituted out the masturbation for a feather scene as we get it fitted her assets and skills better here. She gets a pretty thorough feather in the crack treatment with lots of amazing close up butt shots and jiggly action.

Vid – 08:28m
Download File ZIP K2S – 492.2 MB

Binky Baez – 1785 – 3D. (Available Sep 21st)

This 3D version video is similar in content to the “To Know a Veil” clip above.

Vid – 08:28m
Download File ZIP K2S – 491.9 MB

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