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Darcy Dark – 1783 – Darcy Goes.

Darcy’s nice and tidy figure is very well displayed in her rather striking red lingerie. The colour really stands out against the all black, white and grey of the room. Though she has a few freckles up top her bottom side is has pure porcelain skin with hardly any blemishes.

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Darcy Dark – 1783 – Why Dent ya Arse Darcy? (Available Sep 8th)

Only the garter and stockings remain on as Darcy shows off her bare assets. She has one curious and unusual feature with an extra dent or fold in her butt hole which only shows in certain positions. She takes her time to spread the goods in various positions. It ends with both front side and back side squats on your face with her butt hovering only inches on top of you.

Vid – 12:52m
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Darcy Dark – 1783 – A Dark Fucking Movie. (Available Sep 9th)

Darcy’s vibrator is double ended with a vibrating ball on one end and and a dildo shape on the other end. She starts with the vibrating ball on her clit for a while before graduating to the dildo end for some insertion action. The action is pretty moderate for a long time but she has a pretty clear moment of climax and clear increase in pussy goo.

Vid – 12:03m
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Darcy Dark – 1783 – Take a Walk on the Dark Side. (Available Sep 10th)

This location had an obvious lack of runway space for a walking scene but we make do with what we have to see her figure in motion. The walking itself is maybe not the highlight in this clip. Just standing front side in full body view her figure is quite remarkable with all natural features and tidy curves.

Vid – 05:08m
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