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Kittina Clairette – 1782 – We’re a Little Short on Buns.

This scene has a rather fantastical feel with butterflies and palm trees over a Caribbean Sea view. Kittina’s very well fitting white jean shorts are the main attraction of this show with a good number of close ups in her tight butt crack and crotch area.

Vid – 12:30m
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Kittina Clairette – 1782 – I Cunt Brief. (Available Sep 3rd)

The strip tease continues now with Kittina down to just her silky grey panties. Views from directly underneath are especially interesting showing the snug panty fit on her underside. A less common front side panty view gives a pretty nice shot of her cameltoe.

Vid – 09:45m
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Kittina Clairette – 1782 – Look at Twat’s Up. (Available Sep 4th)

Kittina is now all nude with her bare pussy and ass parked in front of your face for most of the duration of this clip. She does a fantastic crab walk pose with her feet up on the arms of the chair. The reflected lighting is especially nice on her pussy in the close ups. She has perhaps a few bug bites and/or a slight rash on her butt cheeks which may be a distraction for some viewers.

Vid – 08:27m
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Kittina Clairette – 1782 – Play the Clairette. (Available Sep 5th)

Kittina’s finger masturbation produces a little layer of pussy goo on her fingers and soon results in a squirting orgasm. Some of the best shots and action come after the squirt as she continues masturbating but there is no more squirt coming.

Vid – 07:38m
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