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Vicky Love – 1437 – Tuft Love

Mature babe Vicky looks extra sophisticated and inviting in her form fitting white dress, though the dress doesn’t last particularly long. She seems to be enjoying herself showing her body off with a smile on her face. When she pulls her panties aside she gives you quite a graphic introduction to her pussy with a decent gaping vagina view


Vid – 07:18m
1080p – mp4 – 423.93 MB


2160p – mp4 – 1.28 GB

Vicky Love – 1437 – A Pretty Plush Spread

With her panties now gone we get your face well into Vicky’s pussy and ass with some excellent spreading from both front and back. She does a really nice job of showing you up her spread ass with some squirming around. Then she turns onto her back and exhibits her open love tunnel with her fingers well enough back to not block any of the view. We get close enough that her pussy lips completely fill your screen with a gaping vagina right in the middle of it


Vid – 13:29m
1080p – mp4 – 784.19 MB


2160p – mp4 – 2.36 GB

Vicky Love – 1437 – Deep Purple Pokin’ the Twatter

Vicky has a go at fucking her pussy with a glass dildo that matches quite well to the furniture she is on. Her initial pose lying on her side with the legs parted gets the ass out in the open quite nicely. The action is pretty moderate for most of this with no real deep fucking or obvious orgasm. She does pick up the pace towards the end with some heavy breathing and more squirmy action


Vid – 11:45m
1080p – mp4 – 683.27 MB


2160p – mp4 – 2.06 GB

Vicky Love – 1437 – 3D

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first 2 clips above. White balance shifts are pretty severe due to the consumer level camera


Vid – 12:51m
720p – mp4 – 746.85 MB


1080p – mp4 – 1.36 GB

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