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Alexis Crystal – 1776 – Rusty Wall Ass.

Alexis gives the impression she’s done this before with the way she confidently rolls around on the bed gliding seamlessly from one position to another. You get a decent intro to her firm booty with her thong panties hiding only the bare minimum.

Vid – 10:33m
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Alexis Crystal – 1776 – Eye Rear-ended Alexis. (Available Aug 5th)

All of the critical lingerie is now off leaving only the stockings and garter with her bare crack out in the open for inspection. She has an amazing talent in ass projection with her outstanding posture always getting her bare butt well out in the open. It is like she is genuinely trying her hardest to get ass and pussy in front of eyeballs. There’s no shortage of very well placed ass and impressive form on display right in from of your face.

Vid – 13:18m
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Alexis Crystal – 1776 – The Hole Thing is Fucked up. (Available Aug 7th)

There’s a lot of heavy breathing throughout this dildo masturbation clip while she slowly fucks her pussy. Her outstanding posing allows for some quite advantageous viewing angles at all times.

Vid – 07:49m
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