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Valentina Bianco – 1773 – Valentina’s Doll House.

What looks like the inside of a doll house is actually the top floor in the tower of an old Italian villa. Valentina’s see through panties are used extensively as a prop to floss and slide over her pussy lips while she lies on her back. She does a very nice job of teasing with the panties appearing to come down only to go back up again and repeat the process. Perhaps those that like vocalization sounds may enjoy her frequent giggles and heavy breathing.

Vid – 16:09m

Valentina Bianco – 1773 – Up Bianco’s Alley. (Available Jul 21st)

Now all nude except for the garter and stockings Valentine shows off her ass with lots of jiggling. She quite deliberately flops her ass down on the bed making sure her butt bounces with extra jiggle. After the first half lying on her front she progresses to more excellent poses lying on her side and squatting on your face. Her skin has some age to it but her shape is quite beautiful with full and well formed butt curves.

Vid – 13:52m

Valentina Bianco – 1773 – Dink Up Your Milf. (Available Jul 23rd)

Valentina’s slim purple dildo easily slides right up her pussy for this fuck session. She turns onto her front in the last third of the video allowing an excellent view up her butt while she humps the dildo.

Vid – 08:21m

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