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Sharon White – 1772 – I was Stocking to Sharon.

Sharon’s rusty coloured dress is quite stylish and well suited for up skirt views. On the unfortunate side a cluster of bug bites on her ass and thighs are a bit of a distraction but it comes with the territory in this location. Zipping down the front of her dress reveals an impressive rack of boobs. These are fake boobs but they are surely the best fakes you’ve ever seen. Every once in a while she strikes a great pose that really shows off her incredible figure with wide hips and a small lower back.

Vid – 17:17m

Sharon White – 1772 – Sexy One Mega Bites. (Available Jul 16th)

With Sharon now all nude except for the stockings and shoes her incredible figure is revealed in full. She has the exaggerated curves not un-similar to that which are cartoon artist might draw. There’s a brief bit of walking thrown in the middle of this clip showing her big butt curves in motion close up. Sitting backwards on the stool there is a beautiful demonstration of curves with her big butt flowing into a tiny lower back with a beautiful arch in the back. An open knees squat between two stools allows for some very revealing underside views.

Vid – 18:15m

Sharon White – 1772 – Sharon the Love. (Available Jul 18th)

Sharon uses a very soft dildo to fuck herself while lying on top of the kitchen counter. Positions also transition to crab walk and doggy style poses with perhaps the latter giving the best views from underneath.

Vid – 06:35m

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