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Nicole Kitt – 1769 – Black on Black Prime.

This set has some pretty special lighting with a sunset streaming into a wide open bedroom. There’s oodles of atmosphere in this scene with a tropical background and the sound of the waves coming in. Nicole’s lingerie set is really top notch quality and looks great on her super smooth dark skin. It is soon obvious there is a really nice ass to be discovered here.

Vid – 13:31m

Nicole Kitt – 1769 – Kitt & Kaboodle.

Nicole is now all nude except for the garter and stockings. We get a lot of excellent close up ass shots and she is pretty talented at flexing her ass hole in your face. Late in the clip she does a very nice slow dancing segment standing directly over your face. Most noticeable in this scene is her beautifully smooth chocolate skin and well formed underside. With the fading sunset by the end of this video the sky literally matches the colour of her skin.

Vid – 15:56m

Nicole Kitt – 1769 – From Dusk to Done.

An ordinary old vibrator toy produces some pretty interesting results right off the bat. Her apparently involuntary anus flexing is strong and quite entertaining to watch. She soon turns onto her front giving a fabulous view up her ass while she continues fucking herself and humping the toy.

Vid – 10:04m

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