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Jade Baker – 1692 – Scene 1 – Behind the Green Door.

Jade’s loose flowing dress offers very easy access for some excellent up skirt views presented both with, and later without panties. She intermittently moves between bend over poses on the chair and stand up poses by the door. Certainly the best of this involves plenty of skirt tease with her ass standing over your face.

Vid – 16:58m
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Jade Baker – 1692 – A Straddle Various Cunt Chair Show.

Now all nude this clip features almost exclusively bend over and squatting poses while she straddles between two chairs. Undoubtedly the position offers some outstanding views straight up her bottom end throughout all of it. A little bit of jiggle, manual manipulation and spreading adds to the entertainment value with her private places fully exposed right in front of your face. Also included is a nice interlude of dangling boob shots before returning to the butt inspection while squatting on your face.

Vid – 10:05m
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Jade Baker – 1692 – Jade Jammin’.

Jade’s dildo for this masturbation scene is in fact the colour of jade. She gets a nice stream of pussy juice flowing and her ass looks amazing hanging off the edge of the chair. There’s some quality action here with beautiful cheeks quivering in your face. It starts out average and then just gets better and better as it goes.

Vid – 10:18m
720p – mp4

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Jade Baker – 1692 – Scene 2 – The Dirtiest of March.

Now outside and on the opposite side of the green door Jade repeatedly marches back and forth to show off her figure in motion. She is all nude for the duration wearing only high heels.

Vid – 05:44m
720p – mp4

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