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  1. mirador1

    Hello Bruk, then ¿can I request the videos from here?
    Best regards

      1. mirador1

        Hello Bruk ¿coul’d you upload the follows videos???
        Samantha In The Shower
        Time To Meet Samantha

        Jessica Fisher:
        Jessica’s First Video
        Jessica Taking A Dip

        Best regards

  2. mirador1

    Hello , the request form don’t work , it says “Temporarily Unavailable” , ¿do you know whem this will work again?
    ¿ Is there another form of request the videos ?
    best regard

    1. Bruk

      Hello, Disable it because I don’t have time to respond to everyone. 🙁

      but you could request it in a comment from a post of the same content.

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