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Lara West – 1466 – Be Very a Frayed

The focus is clearly on Lara’s frayed jean shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out through most of this tease video. There’s a very nice butt tease while lying on her front on a rather expansive couch

Vid – 10:08m
720p – mp4 – 299.0 MB

1080p – mp4 – 588.6 MB

2160p – mp4 – 1.8 GB

Lara West – 1466 – A Bottomless Web of da Seat

Lara goes bottomless now while keeping on only the web pattern top that is entirely see through. Once again lying on her front on the couch she does delicious little ass wiggle and then progressively shows more graphic views up her butt. We eventually get a very close view right in her ass crack showing every detail. She is not exactly flawless downstairs but the intimate butt crack view is quite exciting and very revealing. Towards the end she also looses the web top and then poses on her back with legs spread in the air and opens up her pussy

Vid – 16:43m
720p – mp4 – 494.0 MB

1080p – mp4 – 972.4 MB

2160p – mp4 – 2.9 GB

Lara West – 1466 – A West in Movie

Lara lies back legs spread in a gigantic chair and uses a flesh coloured toy to fuck herself. She starts quite slowly and then moves to an ass hanging position fairly early on in the clip. With the vibrating toy now just pressed against her clitoris she develops a nice little drop of creamy pussy goo which eventually runs down to her ass hole. She takes her time getting aroused and though she doesn’t exude any crazy theatrics through most of it it is clearly obvious that she is enjoying the sensations with her visible reactions and muscle clenching. Your viewing perspective is also quite ideal with hanging pussy and ass dangling in your face throughout

Vid – 14:54m
720p – mp4 – 440.3 MB

1080p – mp4 – 866.8 MB

2160p – mp4 – 2.6 GB

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  1. thumbs up for cloudyfiles! Great speed, it’s like the old suprafiles (now limited at 200k for free user).


  2. Cloudyfiles report for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.
    its 9 pm my time traffic is generally pretty slow now even for payed hosting.
    getting 1800 to 1900KB/s for a free service that as of yet hasn’t put a resriction on the number of files I download or a time space inbetween downloads. it took less than a 1/2 hour to download this Set @ 1080. I must admit im impressed. Nice find Bruk!


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