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Makenna Blue – 1465 – Cheek it out

Butt cheeks mostly dominate the theme of this clip with the help of some stylish panties that spill her cheeks out almost entirely. Makenna’s rear is certainly her best asset and it gets some nice jiggling action intermittently throughout this video. Her ass is especially tasty while she lies on her front and then pulls down her panties

Vid – 10:18m
720p – mp4 – 304.1 MB

1080p – mp4 – 598.7 MB

2160p – mp4 – 1.8 GB

Makenna Blue – 1465 – Part Time Twerk

Now fully nude Makenna puts her privates on display with plenty of spreading and butt wiggling. She bends over quite a lot and occasionally gets a nice twerk going in the doggy style position

Vid – 07:10m
720p – mp4 – 211.8 MB

1080p – mp4 – 416.9 MB

2160p – mp4 – 1.3 GB

Makenna Blue – 1465 – Full Time Twerk

Makenna’s dildo riding session is quite compelling with some excellent bend over twerking as she humps the toy. At times she goes quite slowly for a clear view up her ass and at other times she humps the toy with a real healthy bounce in her ass. There are several fast and furious moments of passion where she enthusiastically slams her pussy and ass down on the toy eventually bringing on the climax. She is a real sweaty mess by the time she is finished

Vid – 10:45m
720p – mp4 – 317.4 MB

1080p – mp4 – 625.0 MB

2160p – mp4 – 1.9 GB

Makenna Blue – 1465 – 3D

Makenna’s 3D video is similar in content to the first two clips above

Vid – 09:08m
720p – mp4 – 530.9 MB

1080p – mp4 – 988.0 MB

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