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Lulu Love – 1450 – Strip on Stripes

After a bit of posing in her white bra and panties Lulu starts stripping down. She spends some time bobbling her boobs about in your face with some nice action coming as she bends forward and dangles her bouncing boobs on top of you. She then turns around to bend over with her butt in your face with only her crisp white thong hiding the naughty bits

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Lulu Love – 1450 – Looky Lulu

Now all nude Lulu stands spreading her butt in your face and then squats backwards on the chair. Perhaps the best pose comes with Lulu lying on her side on the chair as she position really makes her ass curves super wide and prominent. Half way through she moves onto the bed and she spends most of the time lying on her front to show off her substantial ass. You get the close up view in her butt crack for quite a while

Vid – 16:09m
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Lulu Love – 1450 – Weiner takes it all

An initial bit of pussy rubbing soon gives way to a vibrating dildo for the remainder of this masturbation scene. The best bits of this are the open pussy views every time she takes the dildo out of her pussy, which happens fairly frequently

Vid – 12:24m
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Lulu Love – 1450 – 3D

This 3D version video has similar content to the first two clips above

Vid – 10:09m
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