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Veronica Leal – 1545 – The Eyes have it

Veronica is certainly the most expressive model we’ve ever had with about 10 different facial expressions per minute. There must be something in the Colombian blood to make her so flamboyant. Personality is on overload as she talks to you throughout most of this scene, mostly in Spanish. She spends much of the time exploring around the rather interesting library room while flaunting her assets in black lacy panties. When she lifts her dress she reveals a surprisingly nice set of boobs for a slim girl. The boobs get a considerable amount of attention in the middle section of this video. When she takes her panties off she puts them around her neck where they remain for the rest of the videos below

Vid – 15:31m
720p – mp4
Download File K2S – 458.7 MB

1080p – mp4
Download File K2S – 902.8 MB

2160p – mp4
Download File K2S – 2.7 GB

Veronica Leal – 1545 – Amazing Eye Cunt Act

Veronica is now all nude except for the shoes and the panties around her neck. Her bend over poses are pretty incredible as she turns her head all the way around and looks at you gazing up her ass. She seems to have elastic joints arching her back beautifully with her private places well out in the open and her head on backwards. She also gets up on the library ladder allowing some excellent views up her ass from below. Her squatting routine on the ladder is pretty interesting. A super long cocktail spoon is also used to spank her ass and pussy

Vid – 12:08m
720p – mp4
Download File K2S – 358.3 MB

1080p – mp4
Download File K2S – 705.1 MB

2160p – mp4
Download File K2S – 2.1 GB

Veronica Leal – 1545 – Dabble Digits

Veronica gets down on the couch for a good pussy fiddle in multiple positions. The pose lying on her front is particularly nice with a great view up her squirming butt while she frigs herself

Vid – 08:32m
720p – mp4
Download File K2S – 251.9 MB

1080p – mp4
Download File K2S – 495.7 MB

2160p – mp4
Download File K2S – 1.5 GB

Veronica Leal – 1545 – A Race of Yahoos

Considering we never use music in our videos the surrounding ambient sounds are a major consideration for us. We often have to deal with unwanted sounds of airplanes, yard maintenance and construction, often going to great length to avoid it or reduce it. Our luck ran out on this day as we had to deal with the most ear splitting noise directly outside our shooting location. Shooting was obviously delayed on this day. This brief video shows the shenanigans on the street with professional hooligans doing donuts in their race cars. Veronica obviously enjoyed it as she can barely contain her excitement

Vid – 00:51m
720p – mp4
Download File K2S – 24.9 MB

1080p – mp4
Download File K2S – 49.1 MB

2160p – mp4
Download File K2S – 151.8 MB

Veronica Leal – 1545 – 3D

This 3D video is a condensed version of the entire scene above including strip tease, nude posing and finger masturbation

Vid – 12:16m
720p – mp4
Download File K2S – 713.5 MB

1080p – mp4
Download File K2S – 1.3 GB

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