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Sabina Rouge – 1438 – Whoreville Red in Blacker

Sabina’s high waisted panties are perhaps more elegant than functional with underwired sections something like a corset. The elegant lingerie certainly gives her a sophisticated look in the matching black and white sun drenched bedroom. Towards the end the bra comes off to reveal a pair of perfectly formed perky titties


Vid – 07:12m
1080p – mp4 – 418.66 MB


2160p – mp4 – 1.26 GB

Sabina Rouge – 1438 – How Rouge

Sabina is all naked now with lots of revealing posing on the black bench. She is a skinny little thing bit she has plumpness in the important places as is evident when she squeezes her pussy lips together. The ass crack is particularly smooth with porcelain skin that is near flawless. Her outstanding form is especially evident when she poses sitting on her feet with her slim waist enhanced by the arch of her back and with her perky boobs sticking out in front of her. Towards the end she spends a decent amount of time squatting on your face on the edge of the bench


Vid – 12:35m
1080p – mp4 – 734.68 MB


2160p – mp4 – 2.20 GB

Sabina Rouge – 1438 – Baton Rouge

Sabina uses a purple dildo to fuck her pussy and vibrate her clitoris. She is nicely lubricated at the beginning although it turns a bit chunky later on in the video


Vid – 07:55m
1080p – mp4 – 462.41 MB


2160p – mp4 – 1.39 GB

Sabina Rouge – 1438 – 3D

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first 2 clips above


Vid – 08:26m
720p – mp4 – 490.06 MB


1080p – mp4 – 912.11 MB

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