Vid – 09:13m
1080p – mp4
Download File FF – 418.3 Mb
Download File DA – 418.3 Mb

720p – mp4
Download File FF – 208.4 Mb
Download File DA – 208.4 Mb

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  1. Many thanks for everything, bruk! 🙂

    But the big trade off is that K2S keeps the files the longest.

  2. i’m guessing there some issue with DD on k2s ? anyway the others work so be it 🙂
    Thank you for all the Post …. Still got about 1/2 of Shannyn Alyssa – ShannynXO to go hope full you can let it hang around a few more days, anyway thanks again!

    1. Right. I can’t raise more DD in k2s. :/

      you’re welcome 😉


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